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Slime Benefits

Slime has been a popular kids' activity for many years, but you might not know the therapeutic benefits of this simple substance for people of all ages.

  • Slime has a calming effect. The repetitive motions of playing with slime can be soothing and meditative. 

  • The tactile sensation of manipulating slime can provide a sense of comfort, help maintain focus, and relieve stress and anxiety. 

  • The sensory input of playing with slime can help regulate the nervous system.

  • For folks with sensory processing disorders, slime can be an effective tool for managing sensory overload.

  • Kneading, squishing, and molding slime improves hand strength, endurance, and bilateral coordination.

  • Playing with slime is a great way to engage and to demonstrate mindfulness. 

  • As someone manipulates slime, they learn about texture, color, and viscosity. This can be especially beneficial for people with sensory processing disorders.

  • Terribly Crafty uses quality essential oils in our scented slimes, so you will also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. These range from increased happiness to better sleep and reduced headaches. 

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