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Slime Care

All slime has a limited lifespan, but you can help it last as long as possible by taking good care of it.

Always store slime in an airtight container in a cool place when you're not playing with it.

Limit play to 10 minutes at a time. After 10 minutes, allow your slime to "rest" in its airtight container so it doesn't begin to break down.

DO NOT EAT! Some of our slimes smell delicious, but they are not edible. Do not leave slime unattended around young children or pets.


  • Wash your hands before touching slime. Throughout the day, your hands produce oils and collect germs and bacteria. Slime will stick to dirty or sweaty hands, and germs and bacteria can cause slime to mold.

  • Play with slime only on a clean, nonporous surface. This will reduce debris and bacteria from entering your slime.

  • Don't allow slime to touch clothing or other porous surfaces. It will stick. White vinegar can be used to remove slime from some clothing and furniture.

  • Have activator ready before you open your slime.

  • Touch slime first with just one finger to test stickiness.

  • At first, handle slime as if it's hot - moving fingers quickly.

Sticky Slime?

Warm slime will be sticky, so first try cooling it down.

Slime will stick to dirty sweaty hands, so be sure to wash your hands.

Still sticky? Read below to learn how to use activator.

Activator Tips

Add activator if your slime is too sticky. 

You can purchase activator from us, or make your own using household borax:

Add 1 teaspoon borax to 1 cup warm water, stir until dissolved

Add only a very small amount at a time. Take care to knead in completely before adding more.

Too much activator = hard, rubbery slime

Not enough activator = slime remains sticky

Rubbery Slime?

If your slime has become over-activated (hard and rubbery) the easiest solution is to leave it in the sun (inside its airtight container!) for a couple hours. Slime naturally melts in warm temperatures. 

You can also choose to add a small amount of glycerin to over-activated slime to help it to break down and become more pliable. 

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